Monday, January 30, 2017

New Radial option implemented and Map Screen Redesign

Tomorrow we are releasing a new version which has several new features.  We have enhanced the screen with the ability to place colored radials around any point on the moving map. Simply touch an existing airport or create a new point with a long press and a "Add Radial" menu makes it easy. We have also  made the Digital Navigation Read outs easier and less obtrusive to view.

We have also added a new Larger Readout option for the Navigate screen.  Very easy to see at a glance.

Map Screen with new Radial and

DigitalNavigation's 2 screens

View 1 and View 2(scroll down for 2nd 1/2 of screen)


Spook said...

It now will not start on my Moto g4 phone!Whazzup wit that?

John at GiPSi said...

Sorry you're having a problem. Can you tell us what the steps are to make it fail? We will examine it immediately.