Monday, June 23, 2014

Aerial Photographers: Here is an Easy way find an earthbound Point of Interest from the Sky and Take Great Pictures

With The VFR App this task is easier than ever.

Here's How:

1) Freeze the Moving Map using the OPTIONS button.
2) Move the map with your finger to the location you want to photograph.
2a) Optionally,  switch the VFR's Map View to the Satellite View and verify the exact location.
3)  Long Press the location and select Store the location.
4) To fly to the point you then need to Unfreeze the Moving Map from the OPTIONS button.

The result of this process is that the new Point is then added to your flight plan and a Bearing Line is drawn from your current location to the point.

It is now ready to fly to that point using either the Map Screen or the Navigate Scree.

If you wish you can Email or Store the Modified Flight Plan for later editing or reuse. The newly stored  location will be accessible until you delete the flight plan.

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