Friday, November 22, 2013

Version 1.46A and B(11/22/13)

I just put up a new version.  The previous one would crash on loading a destination file if it was not perfect.  New checks have been added that should be able to handle all manner of errors.  Please write or call with questions on how to use this new feature.  Currently Android will prompt you to use VFR in strange circumstances.  If this is a problem. Use the prompt and after setting the proper app to run on your file, select the option to always use this app in the future.



Mario said...

With Android 4.1.1 MIUI.ES JRO03L, smartphone XIAOMI MI2S. To the beginning of the application I received the following message "The application has been interrupted unexpectedly". Can you help me? Thanks

John at GiPSi said...

Hi Mario, sorry for the delay in my response. You can always get me at

I have a new version since Dec 5, does the app work now? Please email or call me at 650-323-0148 if not.